WAGGY TAILS – Pet friendly accommodation Brogo NSW

Mitch and Maddy at Clovelly cottage

Rock Lily Cottages welcomes friendly, house trained dogs and their carers. There is a fully fenced dog yard beside each cottage with a large kennel. However, dogs are allowed inside the cottages.

We charge $5 extra per dog per day, or $20 per dog per week.

We request visiting dogs be wormed, and on a flea and tick treatment such as Advantix, Nexguard or have a tick collar. It is recommended that dogs be vaccinated against PARVO. It can be fatal to young dogs and can be contracted from public places such as parks. We request these precautions to keep our property free from worms, parvo and fleas. Advantix should be applied a few days before arrival, (but not straight onto a freshly washed dog) and lasts up to 2 weeks. Nexguard is a chew the dog eats, and lasts for 4 week against ticks.

Dogs still need to be checked for ticks daily with your fingertips.

Max and Mimi road warriors, in car seats

What to Bring:

  1. Dog Lead, (dog collar with id tag with your phone number)
  2. Water bowl and food bowl
  3. Dog food and treats
  4. Dog Bed, some old towels for wet dogs
  5. Toys, ball, kong etc
  6. Doggy bags to clean up doggy’s doo’s.
  7. Old sheet or rug to throw over our lounges, if your dog sits on furniture at home.
  8. A dog mat for the dog to sit on, as floors are cold.


DOG RULES (for humans)

Please do not leave your dog/s inside the house when you go out for the day.

Your dogs will fret, but any damage caused will need to be paid for by you.

It is preferable not to leave your dogs alone at the cottage, especially if it’s a puppy under 2 years, or a rescue dog. Its likely they will suffer separation anxiety being left alone in a strange location.

There are boarding kennels across the road from us, called Cesune Park Pet Retreat. They offer overnight and day crèche, should you wish to go out for a whole day to a National Park for instance, where dogs are not allowed. Phone Sue (a vet nurse) on 0428 842 923 to discuss.


We have 3 dogs:  (if you click on a photo, use the BACK arrow to return to this page)

Never far from our thoughts:

“A Dog is for Life! not just for Christmas”